13th Dec 2021

Is South Africa serious about jobs?

OPINION Is SA serious about jobs? Douglas Gibson | 10 December 2021Douglas Gibson says the ANC may care, but it is incapable of fixing the problem The […]
2nd Dec 2021

The 2024 election has begun

  By Douglas Gibson[i]                An almighty groan will probably greet this headline. The watershed 2021 election has resulted in a South African government falling to […]
28th Sep 2021

Who cares about our kids?

  By Douglas Gibson[i]               This is a serious question. Who cares about our children and, in particular, our black children?         […]
15th Jul 2021


 Zuma must say: “Not in my name” By Douglas Gibson[i]                  In the end, to the relief of a watching nation, the arrest drama ended […]
16th Mar 2021

Mogoeng is right to say no

OPINION   Mogoeng Mogoeng is right to say ‘no’ Douglas Gibson |  15 March 2021 Douglas Gibson writes in defence of the Chief Justice’s remarks on […]
3rd Mar 2021

Stop smearing the judiciary

OPINION   Douglas Gibson |  02 March 2021 Douglas Gibson says Julius Malema should be ashamed of himself 2 March 2021 Readers of this column are […]
15th Feb 2021

Time for more tea parties?

Opinion piece from News 24By Douglas Gibson South Africa was entertained by the spectacle of Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, accompanied by a group of persons, […]
22nd Jan 2021

Is the ANC ruling or governing?

OPINION   Is the ANC ruling or governing? Douglas Gibson |  20 January 2021 Douglas Gibson says the distinction helps explain govt’s response to Covid-19 Is […]
14th Dec 2020

Johannesburg is a disaster

OPINION Douglas Gibson |  09 December 2020 Douglas Gibson says the city is getting worse every month under ANC rule When I go to the gym, […]