Douglas Gibson

10th May 2024

Politicians should not lie to us

By Douglas Gibson[i]               No one in South Africa has forgotten the winning slogan of the ANC, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”               I don’t think the ANC […]
12th April 2024

Justice system has failed to stop crooked leaders

South Africans are all equal Published Apr 11, 2024 By Douglas Gibson The promise and the aim of the South African Constitution is that we are all […]
29th March 2024


By Douglas Gibson[i] Have you been scammed? More and more people, especially old people, are being scammed by criminals. When are the criminals apprehended, tried and […]
16th February 2024

There is a solution to Palestine/Israel

By Douglas Gibson February 16, 2024 Prime Minister Netanyahu says he does not believe in a Two-State solution for Israel/ Palestine. Hamas believes the same. It […]
12th January 2024

Mbalula owes us an apology

Douglas Gibson |  11 January 2024 Many concerned South Africans are waiting for Fikile Mbalula to apologise to us. Mbalula, described in hushed and reverent tones […]
3rd December 2023


The ANC’s genius for doing the wrong thing Douglas Gibson |  28 November 2023 Douglas Gibson says our govt’s pro-Hamas diplomacy will cost SA President Cyril […]
18th October 2023

Did Hamas expect to win?

17 October 2023 Douglas Gibson says that liberation movement could never have believed Israel would simply turn the other cheek Can anyone truthfully say that Hamas, […]
13th August 2023

I am sick of Julius Malema

OPINION I am sick of Julius Malema Douglas Gibson |  10 August 2023 Douglas Gibson writes says the EFF leader will not become president of SA, […]
15th May 2023

Joburg: Another EFF/ANC disaster?

#Serious allegations have been made by DA’s Mpho Phalatse against Johannesburg Mayor Gwamanda Johannesburgers waited anxiously to learn who the new leader of the greatest city […]