14th April 2023

Opposition response to Steenhuisen’s Moonshot initiative.

April 14, 2023 Douglas Gibson | 10 April 2023 Douglas Gibson says parties should rally around a common goal, not keep sniping at DA The recent DA […]
6th April 2023

John Steenhuisen’s coalition Moonshot

By Douglas Gibson[i]              I was fortunate enough to be a guest at the Democratic Alliance Federal Congress over the weekend. […]
17th March 2023


Why I am supporting John Steenhuisen Douglas Gibson |  16 March 2023 Douglas Gibson says the DA leader deserves a second term, after stabilising the party […]
1st February 2023

Don’t give up on coalitions just yet

OPINION Douglas Gibson |  31 January 2023 Douglas Gibson says local govt is in a bad place in SA; no matter where one looks, things are […]
10th January 2023

No beef patty in the ANC’s hamburger

6th January 2023 by Sandra Laurence Douglas Gibson is a former opposition chief whip who is concerned by the striking lack of minority representation in the ANC’s top […]
12th October 2022

NDZ and Sisulu: dream team or disaster?

NDZ and Sisulu: Dream team or nightmare? By Douglas Gibson[i]                 Dream team or nightmare? The prospect of an ANC led by Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma […]
24th August 2022

South africa is such a beautiful country –

Why are we messing it up? OPINION   South Africa is such a beautiful country Douglas Gibson |  23 August 2022   South Africa is such […]
13th July 2022

The ANC is finished: can the Opposition step up?

OPINION The ANC is finished. Can the opposition step up? Douglas Gibson |  12 July 2022 Douglas Gibson says the DA is going to need partners […]
31st March 2022

Will CR fire KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala?

30 March 2022: Douglas Gibson says President Ramaphosa’s first loyalty is to his career prospects. There ought to be consequences for unacceptable behaviour by public figures […]