10th Mar 2017

Investing in South Africa: Is it safe?

Investing in South Africa: is it safe? by Douglas Gibson[i]   If you were a potential big investor in South Africa, either from overseas or a […]
2nd Apr 2020

The upside of the lockdown

OPINION   Douglas Gibson |  01 April 2020   Douglas Gibson says the challenge could ultimately lead to a better, more tolerant and more peaceful country […]
19th Mar 2020

Do Mayors go Bonkers?

OPINION   Mayoral Malarkey Douglas Gibson |  18 March 2020 Douglas Gibson says that generally local govt has not been a rip-roaring success in South Africa […]
4th Mar 2020

Covid-19 and SA’s murder rate

By Douglas Gibson[i] 58 people died in South Africa today. And yesterday. And tomorrow, 58 more will die. I am not talking about Covid- 19 (Corona […]
20th Nov 2019

Time to break the Tri-Partite Alliance

 19 November 2019 Douglas Gibson says the SACP and the unions are stymying any reform Seven years ago, when President Jacob Zuma was only three years […]
16th Oct 2019

The elephant in the DA room

OPINION   Maimane unlikely to step down Douglas Gibson |  15 October 2019 Douglas Gibson writes on the official opposition’s current travails The elephant in the […]
27th Sep 2019


by Douglas Gibson[i]   I feel a little sorry for Panyaza Lesufi.  He, like poor old Carl Niehaus, wants to carry on dining at the Apartheid […]
22nd Aug 2019

IMF bail-out might be the saving of SA

OPINION   The upside and downside to no IMF bail-out Douglas Gibson says the Ramaphosa govt is long on promises, short on delivery We have been […]
11th Jul 2019

Cyril’s senseless lack of diplomacy

by Douglas Gibson               Has President Ramaphosa been studying at the Zindzi Mandela School of Diplomacy? His recent gratuitous insults to the United States of […]
29th Jun 2019

Pandor just passes on Zindzi

by Douglas Gibson     Naledi Pandor, the new minister of International Relations, is one of the brightest intellects in Parliament. She is an effective speaker […]