10th Mar 2017

Investing in South Africa: Is it safe?

Investing in South Africa: is it safe? by Douglas Gibson[i]   If you were a potential big investor in South Africa, either from overseas or a […]
20th Aug 2020


Ramaphosa, the weak horse | 18 August 2020 Douglas Gibson says the president is too worried about splitting the ANC to govern effectively The oath taken by […]
22nd Jun 2020


OPINION   SA after Covid-19 Douglas Gibson |  12 June 2020 Douglas Gibson says the country is unlikely to be better off after the pandemic We […]
1st Jun 2020


OPINION   Schools reopening: Yes or No? Douglas Gibson |  28 May 2020 Douglas Gibson says politicians will have a lot to answer for if it […]
7th May 2020

Critical voices on Lockdown are good

In a constitutional democracy, critical voices must be raised and heard. That is precisely why one has an opposition. In theory, the government should change hands […]
2nd Apr 2020

The upside of the lockdown

OPINION   Douglas Gibson |  01 April 2020   Douglas Gibson says the challenge could ultimately lead to a better, more tolerant and more peaceful country […]
19th Mar 2020

Do Mayors go Bonkers?

OPINION   Mayoral Malarkey Douglas Gibson |  18 March 2020 Douglas Gibson says that generally local govt has not been a rip-roaring success in South Africa […]
4th Mar 2020

Covid-19 and SA’s murder rate

By Douglas Gibson[i] 58 people died in South Africa today. And yesterday. And tomorrow, 58 more will die. I am not talking about Covid- 19 (Corona […]
20th Nov 2019

Time to break the Tri-Partite Alliance

 19 November 2019 Douglas Gibson says the SACP and the unions are stymying any reform Seven years ago, when President Jacob Zuma was only three years […]
16th Oct 2019

The elephant in the DA room

OPINION   Maimane unlikely to step down Douglas Gibson |  15 October 2019 Douglas Gibson writes on the official opposition’s current travails The elephant in the […]