10th Mar 2017

Investing in South Africa: Is it safe?

Investing in South Africa: is it safe? by Douglas Gibson[i]   If you were a potential big investor in South Africa, either from overseas or a […]
15th Jul 2021


 Zuma must say: “Not in my name” By Douglas Gibson[i]                  In the end, to the relief of a watching nation, the arrest drama ended […]
16th Mar 2021

Mogoeng is right to say no

OPINION   Mogoeng Mogoeng is right to say ‘no’ Douglas Gibson |  15 March 2021 Douglas Gibson writes in defence of the Chief Justice’s remarks on […]
3rd Mar 2021

Stop smearing the judiciary

OPINION   Douglas Gibson |  02 March 2021 Douglas Gibson says Julius Malema should be ashamed of himself 2 March 2021 Readers of this column are […]
15th Feb 2021

Time for more tea parties?

Opinion piece from News 24By Douglas Gibson South Africa was entertained by the spectacle of Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, accompanied by a group of persons, […]
22nd Jan 2021

Is the ANC ruling or governing?

OPINION   Is the ANC ruling or governing? Douglas Gibson |  20 January 2021 Douglas Gibson says the distinction helps explain govt’s response to Covid-19 Is […]
14th Dec 2020

Johannesburg is a disaster

OPINION Douglas Gibson |  09 December 2020 Douglas Gibson says the city is getting worse every month under ANC rule When I go to the gym, […]
10th Dec 2020


Joburg is a disaster Douglas Gibson | 09 December 2020Douglas Gibson says the city is getting worse every month under ANC rule When I go to the […]
12th Nov 2020

Election winners and losers: SA and USA

  By Douglas Gibson[i] The holding of elections in SA and the USA in the past ten days have been of great interest to many South […]
28th Sep 2020

Recent Zim visit shows ANC keeps blurring lines between party and state

Surely the time has arrived when he and the ANC should confront the corruption at the heart of his political party and our government, says the […]